Healthy Success

Sickness, pain and disease are the body’s way of communicating it has an imbalance. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine address these symptoms and root cause of these symptoms. It can treat the whole body, whole problem, root and branch. An acupuncture treatment or a dose of herbal medicine will show the body what balance feels like. How long the body can maintain this balance depends entirely on the compliance of the patient. This accounts for the differences in treatment outcome. When the cause of the root imbalance is unchanged, the problem may keep reappearing in different ways.
We are our own greatest healers. My mission is to help ignite the light within for the desire to heal oneself. This is done through acupuncture treatments, herbal formulas, lifestyle & diet therapy, and the integration of Eastern & Western medicine. I look forward to sharing this amazing medicine with those who are ready to experience it. If you are interested in healing your imbalances and relieving symptoms, please join me to work toward your healthy success.

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