Facial Rejuvenation


Reduces symptoms of Bells’ Palsy

Reduces symptoms of TMJ

Reduces sagging tendencies

Firms bags around neck and eyes

Reduces double chins

Increases local blood circulation

Increases local lymph circulation

Restore drooping eye lids & mouth

Eliminate fine lines

Diminish larger wrinkles

Tightens pores, brightens eyes

Improves facial color


Helps menopause & peri-menopause

PMS & other gynecological imbalances

Improves digestion & elimination

Helps depression & reduces stress

Improves sleep, decreases insomnia

Retards hair loss & hair graying

Increase over all health & well being


A private treatment with constitutional acupuncture and facial acupuncture, five different Chinese organic herbal facial products from Mary Elizabeth Wakefield’s Chi-akra product line, diet & life style therapy, and herbal consult if needed and interested. The initial appointment is 2 hours and subsequent treatments are 1.5 hours each. The needles are retained 20-40 minutes depending on person. The amount of needles and total treatments needed varies from patient to patient but is more than a regular acupuncture treatment. This is why the patient must be strong and in good health to do the series. They are done in a series of 10-15 treatments, once to twice a week. Smokers and “saggers” may need 20 treatments. The affects last for 2- 3 years with regular maintenance treatments monthly or seasonally. The more the patient is compliant, the more affective and longer lasting the results are. Compliance is the key to maximize success.


TESTIMONIALS (click here)


Bleeding problems

Bruises excessively

Pituitary tumors

High blood pressure


Diabetes Mellitus

Seizure disorders

Severe dizziness or vertigo


Serious health condition: cancer, AIDS, acute Hepatitis,  coronary artery disease

Recent cosmetic surgery (wait 6 months)




Cold or Flu


Acute oral herpes outbreak

Acute allergic reaction


If you are taking medication for migraines or hypertension then you have that contraindication. When you are healthy enough to no longer need the medication then you may be healthy enough to receive the treatments. Never stop taking ANY prescribed medication with out your doctors supervision.