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Have you fallen in a funk? Pain got you down? Sick of sleepless nights? These are the body's way of asking for help. If we ignore or mask it, it will compound. Acupuncture is an exceptional complementary medicine that treats a vast range of pathological symptoms. Using the integration of Eastern and Western medicine we get the best of both systems to provide high quality diagnostic and treatment abilities. Call for an appointment or questions on how integrating acupuncture may help you have a healthier tomorrow. Whether it's facial rejuvenation acupuncture or pediatrics, there are options for all at Touch of Light Acupuncture.

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I am excited to announce Touch of Light Acupuncture and Kalub Jarosh Acupuncture moved to a new office space. We look forward to treating you there.

Dr. Bigelsen/ Biological Health Institute

Dr. Harvey and Josh Bigelsen have been shut down by the Heath Department and California Medical Board on March 20th, 2014. They went to court for the arraignment on September 15th. The next court date was set for November 13th where the judge Candice Hidalburger listened to the defense and prosecution's arguments. "As luck would have it" Hidalburger said when she reported the courts internet was down, she did not review the defenses court cases to support that the raid was done illegally. She also reported she did not get the defense arguments to review but did review the prosecution and was going to make ruling on only what was presented during court that day. Interesting the legal system considers that fair. On September 25th she reported her ruling. She ruled that it was lawful to enter a place of business, take two microscopes with no warrant or subpena and set the case for a jury trial in February.

This is devastating news for the Bigelsen family and all those whose personal health is directly affected. You may send your good thoughts, energy or what ever else you are call to do, to their family. Follow the story on I Stand Behind Dr.B on Facebook. This is not just an attack on the 'out of the box doctor,' it's an attack on our freedom and right to our personal health choice. This affects all of us. Thank you for any kind thought or support towards the situation.