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A hug THANK YOU to my wonderful friend and website designer for un-hacking my site. I apologize to those of you who tried to access TouchofLightAcupuncture.com while it was glitched. On the positive side, The Souper Wagon business it took you too, has excellent food and I recommend them when your in the North Lake Tahoe area.

What would it feel like to add a touch of light in your life?

Have you fallen in a funk? Pain got you down? Sick of sleepless nights? These are the body's way of asking for help. If we ignore or mask it, it will compound. Acupuncture is an exceptional complementary medicine that treats a vast range of pathological symptoms. Using the integration of Eastern and Western medicine we get the best of both systems to provide high quality diagnostic and treatment abilities. Call for an appointment or questions on how integrating acupuncture may help you have a healthier tomorrow.

I am sadden to announce that Dr. Harvey and Josh Bigelsen have been shut down by the Heath Department and California Medical Board on March 20th, 2014. They are awaiting for the case to go to court. You may send your good thoughts, energy or what ever else you are call to do, to their family. Follow the story on I Stand Behind Dr.Bigelsen on Facebook. This is not just an attack on the 'out of the box doctor,' it's an attack on our freedom and right to our personal health choice. This affects all of us. Thank you for any kind thought or support towards the situation.

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Biological Health Institute 354 Providence Mine Rd. Nevada City, CA 95959
Inside Nevada City Tech Center property.