Touch of Light Acupuncture

What would it feel like to add a touch of light in your life?

Have you fallen in a funk? Has pain got you down? Sick of sleepless nights?

These are the body's way of asking for help. If we ignore or mask it, it will compound. Acupuncture is an exceptional complementary medicine that treats a vast range of pathological symptoms.

Using the integration of Eastern and Western medicine in addition to Auricular Medicine, we get the best of all systems to provide high-quality diagnostic and treatment abilities.

Come see us to learn how integrating acupuncture may help you have a healthier tomorrow. Whether it's facial rejuvenation acupuncture or pediatrics, there are options for all at Touch of Light Acupuncture.

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beautiful woman has a headache. Acupuncture treatment for migraines. Needles in the forehead of a woman close-up on a brown background

Facial Rejuvenation

young woman undergoing acupuncture treatment on face

Group 1/2 Price Acupuncture

Coreen LaMark, L.Ac

Why am I an acupuncturist?

As a youth, I suffered from chronic stomach pain and other maladies. At age 16, I went to a traditional western allopathic doctor. He spoke with me for twenty minutes. I was asked questions such as “What type of recreational drugs have you tried?” and “Where is your pain?” I was not asked ‘Do you exercise?’ ‘How much fruits and vegetables do you eat?’ ‘Do you sleep well?’ ‘What do you do to create happiness in your life?’ 

The doctor then prescribed me four pharmaceuticals. They were Celebrex for the back pain, Zantac for the stomach pain, Valium, and Zoloft for I can only imagine why. I felt that the pharmaceuticals were not going to heal me but just mask the symptoms. I was offended to be only offered drugs without any help or advice towards health and wellness. I refused them and started to look into alternative health modalities. 

Six years later, I was referred to an amazing acupuncturist and gifted healer. It was the first time someone understood how sick I was since their diagnostic methods could see past my outer “healthy” appearance. The acupuncturist diagnosed and treated the imbalances that were ruining a lot of my days. The treatments and information changed my life and inspired me to discover how it all works. Now by sharing my knowledge and experience with others, I can help ignite the light inside of them, to find the desire to heal. I can do this by bringing my patients the tools and power needed to create wellness and health in their own lives. This is done by integrating the Eastern and Western medical systems, and patient education, thus creating high-quality true health care.